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Welcome to this blog site. Here we are dedicated to fishing in Florida. Conservation topics for both recreational fisherman and commercial fisherman. I see both sides of the argument for these 2 groups. For the recreational fisherman he wants more fish in the sea and also the commercial fisherman wants more fish in the sea. Both want for their own gain.

  Teddy Roosevelt said that the natural resources of America should be managed for the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. There are more recreational fisherman in the US than commercial fisherman. There are more seafood eaters in the US than both groups combined. Unfortunately 80 percent of Americas seafood comes from overseas. Third world countries do not regulate their fisherman as tightly as the US does, so there is a gross misuse of resources around the world. We should as recreational fisherman try to keep commercial fishing viable in the US to protect the worlds resources which is directly related to the fish that swim our local waters.

. When Americans Fail to catch their share of the allotted quotas such as swordfish then that excess quota is given to another country such as China. It has become very difficult for US fisherman to earn a living. Just ask a fisherman how he’s doing. He may be ahead this month but next month a mechanical breakdown can put him out of business.

Recreational anglers Pay the bills.

Without the dollars generated by recreational anglers the fisheries management system of the us would not exsist. If I don’t catch fish when I go out in my boat I would soon stop going and spending my money on boats, motors, fishing gear, licenses, insurance, and fuel. . It is important for now and the future to ensure there are fish stocks to keep anglers busy.

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